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Please read all procedures.

Links to required forms are located at the bottom of this page.

The Virginia Port Authority (VPA) issues Identification Cards to persons who have a business need to enter the VPA's marine terminals in Hampton Roads; Newport News Marine Terminal (NNMT), Norfolk International Terminals (NIT), and Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT).

Identification cards must be prominently displayed on outer clothing at all times while on a VPA facility.

Persons who regularly access the marine terminals will be issued permanent Identification Cards. Visitor cards will be available for persons that only require periodic access to the facilities. Visitor cards will only be available on a daily basis.

Visitor Card: VPA Visitor Cards will be issued at the marine terminals. Persons that require access to the marine terminals on an occasional basis for a legitimate need, must obtain a visitor badge at each marine terminal's security gate. Visitors will be required to provide advance notice to the Virginia Port Authority Police Department (Port Police) in the form of a fax or letter on company letterhead with the full name, social security number of the employee, purpose of the visit, and date of the visit.

Visitors will be required to present a valid government issued form of identification at the security gate (State issued driver's license/ State issued Identification Card/ INS Identification Card/ Valid Passport/ Military Identification Card/ Company issued Identification Card (with prior approval)/ any other Government issued Identification). The Visitor Card must be displayed at all times while on the facilities.

Permanent Port Identification Card: The Port Identification Card Request Form and Company Registration Form is subject to change. This web site should be checked for the most current information regarding the Port Identification Card application procedures. Downloadable forms are located at the bottom of this page.

Outline of Procedure for Obtaining Identification Cards: (Details and further explanation are provided below)

The requesting Company/Organization must first complete a Company Registration Form and submit the form to the Virginia Port Authority Police. Please indicate; your exact need for access, which terminal(s) you use (including the specific job site/location), any Virginia International Terminals Inc. (VIT) or VPA contact people, and the frequency of your visits. Completed Company Registration Forms will be forwarded to the appropriate Terminal Manager or VIT/VPA Department Manager for approval (this normally takes several days). Your Company Representative will be notified when the approval process is complete. Only one Company Registration Form is required for each company.

The Company/Organization requesting access will be required to provide a point of contact (an alternate should also be provided) that will have authority, on behalf of the Company/Organization, to request Identification Cards for employees. The point of contact for the Company will also be required to submit an application requesting a VPA Identification Card in their own name (this is for information only). The point of contact will be required to notify the Port Police regarding the separation of employees. See Employee Separation Form for further details.

After your Company Registration Form is approved, a Port Identification Card Request Form must be submitted to the Port Police for each employee that routinely comes on terminal. Identification Cards will be issued at the marine terminals. See below for locations, phone numbers, and hours of operation.

The Port Police will enter the information in the ID system and notify the Company Representative when the employee can pick up their Port Identification Card.

Permanent Identification Card: Persons that regularly access the marine terminals must display their Port Identification Card at all times while on the facilities. The person requesting the Identification Card must complete a Port Identification Card application form. In addition, the person's employer must request that an Identification Card be issued to the employee by completing Section B of the Port Identification Request Form.

Cost: There will be no charge for the initial Identification Card. Lost Port Identification Cards can only be replaced at the NIT ID Office. The replacement fee is $50.00.  If a lost Port Identification Card is later found it must be turned in to the Port Police.  The $50.00 replacement fee will not be refunded.  Port Identification holders are not entitled to hold more than one Port Identification Card due to the security systems currently in place and those planned for the near future. 

Waterfront Access: For reasons of security, access to the waterfront, and thus to any vessels that may be berthed, must be strictly controlled. Access will be controlled by the Port Police through the use of Identification Cards that identify personnel who have legitimate business on the waterfront. Identification cards that permit access to the waterfront will have a blue background. Blue markers, signs, painted lines, or other markers will delineate the areas that require waterfront access identification. Waterfront facilities are those areas beyond the Blue Line and will generally include the wharf, the container stacks and all finger piers.

When requesting an Identification Card, the employer's authorized company representative will be required to provide the purpose for which the applicant needs access to the waterfront. Persons that regularly access the waterfront more than five (5) times in a thirty (30) day period should request waterfront access. The Port Police in their sole discretion and based on information received from VPA and VIT, management, will have the authority to grant or deny access to waterfront facilities. Applicants denied access to the waterfront may appeal the decision to the Chief of Police, Virginia Port Authority Police Department.

Port Security Awareness: The Department of Homeland Security and the United States Coast Guard has mandated that our Facility Security Plan be in compliance with Title 33 of the Code of Federal Regulations section 105. This plan requires VPA Police to provide a basic security awareness-training program for all personnel who regularly conduct business on Virginia Port Authority terminals.

All applicants for a Port ID card must receive the Port Security Awareness Training. A link to the Port Security Awareness Training web site is located at the bottom of this page.

Employers are responsible for maintaining training records for their employees. The record shall contain the date, description of training (Basic Security Awareness), employee's name, identification number, and name of individual conducting the training. Refresher training must be completed and recorded every two years. A link to the Port Security Awareness Training form is located at the bottom of this page.

The name of the company's point of contact must be submitted to the Port Police Facility Security Officer for coordination during annual audits or random spot checks. You may forward the point of contact's name to [email protected] or by fax: (757) 683-9385.

Employee Separation: Upon employee separation, the company representative will be required to notify the Port Police of the employee's separation. The notification shall be made by submitting a completed Employee Separation Form (VPA-0212-C). The employer shall not confiscate the Port ID.

Employee Responsibility: The former employee shall return the Port ID to the Port Police ID Office. A receipt shall be provided to the former employee to document that the Port ID was turned in.

Please send a copy of the Employee Separation Form to:

Sergeant of Administration
Virginia Port Authority Police Department
7737 Hampton Blvd
Building One
Norfolk, Virginia 23505

Misuse of Port Identification Card: The Port Identification cards issued to your employees are the property of the Port Police. A fee will be charged to the cardholder for failure to return the Port Identification card upon separation. If an individual is found to have an expired port ID card, or a port ID card from a former employer, the port ID card will be confiscated and the offender will be escorted off VPA property by the Port Police. Possession of another persons port ID card may subject the offender to arrest for trespassing. Replacement of a confiscated port ID card requires a new Port Identification Card Application Form be faxed to (757) 440-4044.

All persons applying for a Virginia Port Authority Identification Card who are not U.S. Citizens must do the following:

1. Complete Form VPA-0212-A, Virginia Port Authority Police Department Port Identification Card Request Form and Form VPA-0212-D, Virginia Port Authority Police Department Non-U.S. Citizen Information Form.

2. Present Forms VPA-0212-A and VPA-0212-D in person (call the Sergeant of Administration, 757 617-5057 for an appointment) to the Virginia Port Authority Police Department, Administration Division, at Norfolk International Terminals, 7737 Hampton Boulevard, Building One, Norfolk, VA 23505.

3. Along with the applications, the individual must present documents authorizing the individual to work in the United States. The applicant must present a U.S. Social Security Card and one of the following:

- Employment Authorization Card with Expiration Date
- Work Visa
- INS Card with "A" Number
- Valid Passport with work authorization endorsement

The applications will be accepted during business hours from 8 a.m. until
4 p.m. Monday - Friday, excluding state holidays.

The Virginia Port Authority will not accept old Port Identification Card Request Forms. Links to the current forms are located at the bottom of this page.

Form Submittals: Forms may be mailed or faxed to the VPA Port
Police at the following address:

NIT ID Office
Virginia Port Authority Police Department
7737 Hampton Blvd
Building One
Norfolk, VA 23505
Phone: (757) 440-4090
Fax: (757) 440-4014

Identification Card Issuing Locations: Identification Card issuing stations have been set-up at the following locations:

Location: Police Headquarters, Building One, near North Gate Road entrance, at the intersection of Rail Road Avenue and North Gate Road
Phone: (757) 440-4090
Hours of Operation: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: Police Headquarters, outside the main truck entrance, at the intersection of Lee Avenue and Cleveland Street.
Phone: (757) 396-6783
Hours of Operation: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

For questions or problems concerning the Port Identification process, please contact our Port Identification Clerks at:
NIT (757) 440-4090
PMT (757) 396-6783
NNMT (757) 615-6665

For Emergencies contact the Sergeant of Administration:
Cell Phone: (757) 617-5057
Office Phone: (757) 440-4028
Fax: (757) 440-4044






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