The Information Systems Department designs, implements, maintains, and operates computer systems that provide each VIT department and customer with the information and tools needed to effectively, efficiently, and competitively operate the Port of Virginia. The organization is comprised of two major divisions.

The Programming and Analysis Division designs and implements new automated systems and makes needed program updates to current systems. Conducts operator/user training for each system. Off-the-shelf software is utilized where appropriate, but many systems are totally developed in-house. This division uses the latest software technology to provide automated solutions in the shortest time span.

The Technical Support Division orders, installs, operates, and maintains computer hardware, software, and communications equipment. Some equipment is maintained by support contracts with other companies, but technical support personnel perform the repair and maintenance of all personal computers (PCs), printers, communications equipment, and the fiber optic and copper cable that is the backbone of VITs computer network. This division operates the computer center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.