Newport News Marine Terminal recommendations

The NNMT facility handles breakbulk, containerized cargo, and imported automobiles. The 150-acre site includes two 950-foot piers and two 600 foot piers. CSX provides rail service to NNMT for breakbulk cargoes. Containerized rail cargo is drayed to NIT, where it is loaded onto Norfolk Southern trains for transport.

These projects will be initiated at NNMT to prepare for the Port's projected growth:

  1. On-site storage and traffic will be segregated by cargo types. The southern half will be developed as the primary container storage area, and the northern half as the primary breakbulk storage area.
  2. An additional berth will be added on the north apron of Pier B to enhance NNMT's capabilities to handle roll on/roll off.
  3. Gate improvements will be made to increase cargo processing times and reduce on-site truck times.
  4. Currently, the southern portion of NNMT is being reconfigured to offer more container storage.

The NNMT plan development recommendations total $28.7 million.