Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT) Specifications

Land Area:
(Includes land and pier area only) 219 acres (88.7 Ha)

Direct Rail Access/Rail Track: 20,100 feet

Container Berths:
3,540 feet (1,079.3m) of marginal wharf with three berths which handle container, breakbulk and RO/RO cargo serviced by six container cranes and one Gantry crane (three PACECO cranes, one Kone crane, one CEMCO crane, one Deer Park crane, and one Clyde Gantry crane).

Pier deck elevation (MLW): 12.0 feet (3.6m)
Water depth capability: 40 feet (13.7m)

Dry storage: 94,471 square feet

Container Storage:
Stacked capacity: 46.8 acres-33,786 TEU (three high)
Chassis capacity: 2,000 containers


11 lanes with seven scales
Automated live gate with NAVIS software
2 automated transfer zones for turn-key truck operations
(17 lanes & 16 lanes respectively)

Reefer Container Capacity: 260 receptacles-480V

Inland Access:
Roadway access via U.S. Route 58 connecting to Interstates 95, 64 and 664; direct rail service connection with CSX; also Norfolk Southern Corporation via Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad. Shipside rail service is available.