Newport News Marine Terminal (NNMT) Specifications

Land Area: (Includes land and pier area only) 140.64 acres (56.91 Ha)

Direct Rail Access/Rail Track : 42,720 feet
(includes on-pier trackage for direct cargo loading on and off ships to and from rail)

Main Channel Depth: 45 feet (13.7 m)

Pier B: North side: 990 feet long (301.8m), includes 170-foot mooring dolphins/catwalk
South side: 620 feet long (189m)
550 feet wide (167.6m)
Three berths handling RO/RO cargo and breakbulk cargo
34-foot aprons (10.4m)
Water depth north side: 32 feet (9.8m)
Water depth south side: 32 feet (9.8m)
Offshore: 33 feet (10.0m)
Pier deck elevation (MLW): 15.0 feet (4.6m)

Pier C: North side: 935 feet long (285m), 540 feet wide (164.6m)
184-foot aprons (56.1m), for handling breakbulk cargo, serviced by two PACECO cranes
Water depth: 40 feet (12.2m)
South side: 935 feet long (285m), 540 feet wide (164.6m), 184-foot aprons (56.1m), for handling RO/RO and container cargo, serviced by one PACECO portainer crane and
one CMI crane capable of a 182-LT heavy lift
Water depth: 36 feet (11.0m)
Pier deck elevation (MLW): 14.5 feet (4.4m)

Covered Pier Storage:
Pier B: 270,000 square feet
Pier C: 124,000 square feet
Dry storage: 256,000 square feet

Container Storage:
Stacked capacity: 790 containers (two high)
Chassis capacity: 1,210 containers
Open yard storage: 43 acres (17.6 Ha)

Inland Access:
Roadway access via Interstates 64 and 664 and U.S. Route 17; rail service provided by CSX